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Golden Tee Live 2007

The Most Successful Coin-Operated Video Game in History!

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The Most Amazing Courses In The History Of Golden Tee Golf Are Here! Golden Tee Live 2007 Will Dazzle Your Senses And Challenge Your Skills With New Courses, New Features And New Fun!

Five New Courses!

From A Buzzing Manhattan Cityscape To The Ancient Mayan Ruins Of The Yucatan Peninsula, Live 2007 Offers Five New Courses Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen!

Ten Courses Total!

For The First Time In History You Can Experience The New Along With The Tried And True. Choose From The Five New Courses And The Five Original Golden Tee Live Courses.

New Equipment!

New Virtual Golf Equipment Available From Top-Flite!
Choose From Four Sets Of Clubs And Five Types Of Golf Balls Including The New Top-Flite Quartz.

New Apparel!

Win Hundreds Of New Clothing Items To Outfit Your Golfer! Now With Capris Knickers And More!

Hole-N -Win Returns!

The Widely Acclaimed Hole-N-Win Feature Returns With A New Twist: Win Instantly!!!
Shoot An Ace And Win Big Money!
Use Your Player Account To Play!
Winnings Deposited Instantly!

Price: $5,395

golden tee live 2007 home edition   golden tee live 2007 home edition

Free Inside "White Glove" Delivery Included in Price!!!


More Game Features than Ever!

  • Play for Glory or Prizes With an All New Tournament System
  • All New Practice Facility Model
  • Unique “Course Sampler” Model
  • Immediate Feedback and Rewards
  • Commentary and Analysis by Jim Nantz, Peter Jacobsen, Gary Player, Chris DiMarco and Laura Diaz
  • Seasonal Course Conditions Add New Dimensions to Play
  • Revolutionary Help Feature Offers Solutions During the Game
  • Compete Against Players with Similar Skill From Across the Country
  • Revolutionary Player Ranking System
  • Customizable Players

Unprecedented Innovation Designed to Set New Standards in On-Premise Entertainment

  • Live Wireless Connection
  • Turn it On, and You're Done!
  • Works wherever a mobile phone works
  • Simple and Automatic Registration
  • Immediate Access to All Features
  • Optional Broadband and Dial-Up Compatibility
  • Accepts Credit Cards for Payment
  • Hole-n-Win, FACTS and Operator Services Compatible

Powerful Hardware Platform Designed for the Coin-Op Market!

  • Superb High Resolution Graphics
  • Supports ALL Monitors and Screen Resolutions
  • More powerful the an consumer-based game system
  • Designed for easy connection and service

All New Cabinet Designed for Playability, Safety and Security

  • Flush mounted flat screen game monitor
  • Revolutionary flat panel overhead monitor
  • Oversized cushioned control panel
  • Smaller overall footprint fits in more locations
  • Innovative money vault offers
  • Unprecedented security and accessibility
  • New "promo jacket" allows for custom local advertising
  • Retrofit kit available for existing Golden Tee Live 2007 cabinets

Click here to learn more about (1) Overhead Monitor, (2) Control Panel, (3) Customizing Your Golfer and (4) the Golden Tee Philosophy


With its cutting-edge graphics and amazing realism, Golden Tee LIVE 2007 offers players five new courses along with the five original courses. With countless pin positions, a variety of tee boxes and an infinite combination of weather conditions for every hole, players should never see the exact same set up twice.

Seasonal weather conditions and time-of-day are featured in Golden Tee LIVE, where players can experience everything from a muggy summer’s day on the beaches of Florida, to a misty autumn morning in Scotland. As players navigate the courses, the sun moves with the hours and rain floods basins and ponds. Players can watch trees sway as the wind blows or watch the leaves gently float to the ground after an errant drive crashes through them.

There are also many hidden surprises along the way…

Despite its realistic nuances and brilliant design, each course represents a daunting challenge for any skill level. With the help of Steven Sobe’s expert advice and Duffer Dan’s amateur feedback, players can now skip the course exploration step and move straight to execution. The two Incredible Technologies cohorts have scoured each and every pixel of the virtual courses in an effort to educate players of all skill levels. Click on any of the course logos below to read their course reviews, including Sobe’s tips and tricks for each hole.

Original Golden Tee Live Courses



Monitor 1 Year
Software 90 Days
Hard Drive & Power Supply 1 Year
Track Ball 90 Days
Electronics Warranty 2 years
Lifetime Technical Assistance Free!
Lifetime Parts Locator Service Free!
2-Year Extended Warranty $375
3-Year Extended Warranty $675
Inside "White Glove" Delivery Free

Game is covered by a 1-Year AGS Warranty for no additional cost covering:

  • Monitor
  • Software
  • Hard Drive & Power Supply
  • Track Ball
PLUS! ALL AGS Customers will receive the following:
  • FREE 2-Year Electronics Warranty (Details)
  • FREE LIFETIME TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE for your game via telephone or email
  • FREE LIFETIME Parts Locator Service
  • Extended 2-Year and 3-Year Warranties are also available upon request.



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Golden Tee Live 2007 Home Edition


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